The Truth About Fibernetics’ Workplace – A Co-op Student’s Perspective


The Truth About Fibernetics’ Workplace – A Co-op Student’s Perspective



Leaving the comfort of a school setting and entering the real world would make anyone anxious.

Many people search for the “perfect” co-op placement but they don’t always get it. If you’re lucky you will find a co-op that gives you experience in your field(s), while helping you grow throughout your work term. I was one of the lucky ones to have found my perfect co-op at Fibernetics.

When applying to co-op positions I was drawn to the culture of Fibernetics. The very first line in the job application was “our purpose is to deliver happiness and connections every day by being awesome”. Now if that doesn’t give you an idea of what the corporate culture is like, I will give you more of an idea. Instead of picturing grey cubicles and a silent room filled with workers; picture bright green walls, dogs playing, and friendly competitions while also getting the job done and doing it well. Most importantly Fibernetics has a safe work environment for everyone to feel comfortable in.


Melissa Pelley at OCMC

During an interview, you get a first impression of the company – just like the company gets a first impression of you. During my co-op interview at Fibernetics I felt like this was the place for me with their “I’m in!” mantra and positive employees. Even though the building was being renovated, there was an inviting atmosphere from the employees I met.

Fast-forward to January 4th as I commuted to the Waterloo office for my first day. I was full of nerves and excitement to start my co-op and was curious to see how sales is done outside of a classroom setting. The day started with four new hires and myself filing into the newly renovated boardroom and the rest is history.

To make sales “easier,” you must be selling a great product. And that’s what Fibernetics does. NEWT’s fully managed PBX is a force to be reckoned with. Businesses can get a fully managed, end-to-end, feature-rich communication solution. This phone system saves businesses money while also improving the quality of the existing infrastructure and providing industry leading customer service. It is not often we run into a product that is manufactured, serviced, and managed in Canada while also offering cost savings.

One way Fibernetics goes beyond telecom is by offering a home for start-up companies out of their Waterloo location. This helps smaller companies get up and running without having extra stress from additional expenses like building maintenance. Fibernetics builds relationships and helps other businesses succeed. It is clear to see just how much Fibernetics cares about their community and the success of others.

I was lucky enough to get to work with one of the start-up marketing agencies, Nine Point Nine Group, which is made up of the best marketers of Fibernetics. While I was taught how to apply what I’ve learned in class to real-life marketing tasks, I enjoyed watching Nine Point Nine Group’s collaborative talents. I have obtained valuable knowledge that I would not have been exposed to in a school setting.

As a co-op student I have learned what it takes to be in sales and marketing, applied what I have learned in school, and gained essential qualities to be successful in the workforce – making this the perfect co-op experience.


Posted by Jennifer Copeland  Posted on 11 Mar 
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