The Rise of Big Incites


The Rise of Big Incites

For Reg Wilton, President and CEO of Big Incites, the path towards managing big data began at RIM where he was responsible for managing the network operations centres (NOCs) around the world. As well as managing the routing infrastructure for BlackBerry traffic, Reg and his team applied data analytics to vast volumes of data transported through the NOCs in conjunction with system monitoring and logging information. From such analytics, they identified trends and built predictive models that allowed RIM to plan, add or divert infrastructure resources to handle sudden increased loads, clear system bottlenecks, and implement other service delivery improvements. The value came in the form of avoiding Service Level Agreement penalties, minimization of costs by not over building infrastructure facilities, and increased customer satisfaction among the carriers and BlackBerry users.

Few companies possess the in-house expertise for identifying data sets relevant to improving operations and cost reductions and for designing data analytics systems along with the necessary storage infrastructure for the data. Upon recognizing this void in the marketplace, Reg began thinking about the possibility of starting a big data company. He recognized an opportunity where he could use his knowledge, skills, and experience in big data analytics gained at RIM to assist businesses to maximize the value from the data collected by their business systems.

Reg believed that starting Big Incites would allow him to bring his expertise to many businesses and help them understand and gain knowledge from their analytics. “We determined if we could start up a company and help a number of companies and not just one, we could provide more value to the community and really help businesses jump start their big data plans without a huge investment”.

Life has a way of perfectly timing certain interactions and events. For Reg, it was a meeting that occurred by chance with Jody Schnarr, Chairman and Executive Officer of Fibernetics, and Chris Lehman, Managing Partner with Fibernetics Ventures Inc. (FVI). Both Jody and Chris had an interest within the big data industry and Reg was able to fulfill that interest through partnering with FVI and starting Big Incites.

Since the introduction of Big Incites, Reg and his team have been working towards helping businesses understand the advantages of big data. “I think all companies can benefit from Big Incites. I can’t think of an industry where they couldn’t benefit from making better use of their data”.

The future is bright for Big Incites, a company that is continuing to grow by helping other business expand and attain greater success through analytics and data.

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Posted by Jennifer Copeland  Posted on 05 Nov 
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