Team Members

Jody Schnarr
Managing Partner
CEO, Fibernetics Corporation

Founded Fibernetics when it would certainly have qualified to be part of a program like FVI had it existed at the time. Jody will provide leadership and bring considerable acquired knowledge through his entrepreneurial success to the FVI team.

John Stix
Workplace Culture Executive, Fibernetics Corporation

As Co-founder, President and Fibernetics' former CMO John brings a wealth of entrepreneurial and marketing experience to FVI's seedlings enabling them to go to market quickly and with presence.

Greg Dalton
Managing Partner

With a diverse background in insurance & financial services, Greg mentors in a broad range of disciplines including corporate structure & organization, distribution networks, risk & asset management and business development.  His previous involvement in real estate equity investments & development also affords Ventures a distinct advantage in facilities management & real estate acquisition.  

Gerald Camacho
Managing Partner

In his previous role with VMware, Gerald managed Support Escalations for seven of VMware's largest fortune 500 customers. Gerald has been involved in technical IT since 1998, In the past 11 years Gerald has founded seven companies including; KW Datacenter, f9Servers.His track record both in start-ups and IT make him an invaluable asset.

Lesley Bezpaly
Senior Community Manager

Lesley coordinates all interactions between the partners and provides a conduit for accessing resources within Fibernetics Corporation. She facilitates and schedules shared resources and assets for FVI and Fibernetics Corp. working closely with her counterparts in Fibernetics Corporation.

Chris Lehman
Managing Partner
Business Development

Former VP Fibernetics Business Services – Chris founded and helped build FBS (NEWT) to be an important part of Fibernetics Corporation and is working on a number of projects with Fongo as well as the new Ventures partners Big Incites and Plasticity.

Fibernetics Seedlings