Fibernetics Ventures, lead by Fibernetics CEO Jody Schnarr, is very please to announce a solidified partnership with Plasticity Labs. Fibernetics Ventures is designed to expand and diversify Fibernetics Corporation’s footprint in technology-based communications.

“To all our super teammates at Fibernetics and Fibernetics Ventures, I would like to thank all of you for your dedication and hard work. I hope this is as exciting for all of you as it is for management and me.” – Jody Schnarr

Fibernetics president John Stix is a champion for improving and developing workplace culture. His “I’m in!” culture initiative is changing how Fibernetics operates as a company, and having Plasticity as a tool s helping him with his mission. Plasticity Labs, a company that uses data analytics to measure workplace morale, announced that it has raised $2.1 million led by Fibernetics Ventures.

From Techcrunch:

The startup’s name derives from neuroplasticity, which refers to changes in the our brains over time due to factors like our behavior and thinking.

“On a macro level, the key psychological drivers of performance are relatively similar for many individuals and organizations,” said co-founder and CMO Jennifer Moss.

“By watching and measuring these traits closely over time, we identify the patterns of sentiment that are both correlated and causal to the performance of organizations (sales, net promoter score, productivity, sick days, truancy). We learn the nuances specific to industry verticals, demographics, or market segments, and then tune predictions accordingly, it is very much like stock analytics that investors use to backwards model and de-risk financial investments.”

Then Plasticity takes data models and uses them to develop training programs that “reinforce the psychological traits most common of happy, high performing individuals.”

Posted by Ventures Team  Posted on 30 Jun 
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