Looking to change the world?


Looking to change the world?

Fibernetics was founded over ten years ago by an eager group of entrepreneurs looking to shake up the Canadian telecom industry. Since then they have grown their organization into one of the top telecommunication providers in Canada. Despite servicing hundreds of thousands of Canadians through their various brands, like Worldline, their residential service and NEWT, the business service division, the founders have never lost that start-up spirit.

Once an entrepreneur always an entrepreneur

Over that time, Fibernetics has launched a series of affiliated companies, most notably, Fongo. Fongo is a disruptive mobile application allowing smartphone users to save on their monthly voice bills – and has consistently been one of the top performers on all the app stores. Other companies like Rack & Data, Waterloo region’s largest co-location facility, the best deal in cloud-based servers, soon followed.

The experience gained from the success of those three affiliated companies inspired Fibernetics to launch a new in-house business incubator service, Fibernetics Ventures Incorporated.

What is Fibernetics Ventures?

Fibernetics Ventures leverages the existing network capacity, infrastructure investments, and human capital of mother ship Fibernetics Corporation to allow for in-house start-ups, early stage companies and in some cases established growth stunted innovative-centric companies to realize their maximum market potential by taking advantage of finely tuned professional services enabling them to focus on core competencies.

These significant cost advantages allow Ventures Partners to launch unique and disruptive products while creating new, sustainable revenue streams or accelerating existing ones, while providing secondary growth opportunities for Fibernetics Corporation.

Whether the idea comes from a current Fibernetics Corporate employee (“seedlings”), is a start-up with an awesome business plan, an early stage company in need of additional resources or an established company struggling to grow because of administrative burdens, Fibernetics Ventures looks for Partners with ideas that fit the following criteria:

  • Offer new, innovative products or services that are unlike anything currently in the market.
  • Provide a Complementary service or product to Fibernetics Corporation (or other Fibernetics Ventures Partners)
  • Be able to leverage competitive Ventures Advantages to lead to market dominance and remarkable profit.
  • Forward-looking technologies looking to revolutionize our future

Along with the invaluable experience and entrepreneurial success of  Fibernetics Corporation CEO Jody Schnarr, Fibernetics Ventures has assembled a diverse team of  Managing Partners which provide invaluable leadership and direction to partner companies that pass the close scrutiny of the Fibernetics Ventures qualification process.

Fibernetics Ventures is actively looking for passionate and driven entrepreneurs who are looking to make the world a better place. For more information on Fibernetics Ventures and its incubator program, please apply now or call (416) 477 0073.

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