Last week Fibernetics, NEWT’s parent company, announced the launch of its latest company, Fibernetics Venture Incorporated (FVI).
Ten years after co-founders Jody Schnarr and John Stix started their telecommunications company in Schnarr’s basement, they now employ 200 people on two continents serving 400,000 customers daily.
Yet that startup spirit never left them – and thus the introduction of FVI. “We are a company looking to always innovate, but also bring innovation from outside,” Stix says. “This lets us keep one foot in the startup world.”
Six companies have come into the fold so far. Five are run by Fibernetics employees starting their own ventures, from cloud computing and innovation to product services. However established startups have begun to come on board.
FVI has invested $1.9 million as lead investor in a $2.1-million round raised by Plasticity Labs, an early-stage company that is already revolutionizing how companies improve their culture by encouraging employee happiness and engagement.
Stix recognized the potential of Plasticity right away. ”Plasticity represents all that we look for in a start-up company. Their life story has lead them to incredible levels of innovation and determination to make their life’s work come true. We couldn’t be more proud to to help them along the way. We look forward to an incredibly bright future together.”
Plasticity co-founder and CMO, Jennifer Moss, agrees. “The partnership with Fibernetics Ventures is in perfect alignment with our mission at Plasticity Labs. We help to build happier workplaces and one of the key traits of happier employees is a sense of entrepreneurialism in their roles. FVI gives us access to their people resources; talented, enthusiastic employees who are just as excited as us to help us grow. Injecting human capital investment into our company at a time when we are scaling faster than we can hire is a massive benefit to us. This is just one of the many support levers we can pull to help us reach our potential.”
John & Jody
John & Jody can’t kick their startup habit
Jody and John don’t see Plasticity as just a fantastic business opportunity, but also as a way to improve their own corporate culture. All Fibernetics employees are now using the Plasticity app to help raise the level of teamwork, mutual appreciation and fun.
Jim Moss, Chief Happiness Officer at Plasticity sums up why FVI was the perfect fit:
“Our relationship with John and Jody both on a professional and personal level, along with their hands on approach to leadership are helping us progress Plasticity at a pace and scale we couldn’t possibly have managed on our own. We are very fortunate to not only have the entire Fibernetics team so enthusiastically embracing the Plasticity application, but also supporting us in our dream with their individual skill sets and their talent.”
Plasticity is already been engaged by leading organizations like Unitron, Communitech, Magnet Forensics, and of course, Fibernetics. If you are looking to improve your corporate culture, please contact them here.
FVI is a formalized vision of the founders; to always push the boundaries of telecom and to produce innovative and disruptive products and services that improve our daily lives. Plasticity is the first of many such companies that will fulfill that mandate.

Posted by Ventures Team  Posted on 30 Jun 
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