Fibernetics Ventures seeks to provide investment for equity in these early stage companies through offsetting key costs (including, but not necessarily limited to the costs) listed above. By contributing towards infrastructure buildout, and leveraging existing resources, in addition to seed capital as necessary (but not the majority component), FVI eliminates significant costs and time to market for these early stage / start-up companies – and provides tangible value to them. We have identified four critical business areas where Fibernetics Ventures can provide support that these companies require: IT and technical infrastructure, Finance, Legal, and Marketing.

The interaction between the new companies and Fibernetics Ventures will provide existing Fibernetics’ personnel with the opportunity to work on these dynamic projects and provide their expertise to the establishment of the new companies. Their involvement and contributions will be critical in the early stages getting the new companies to market. These will be exciting projects allowing Fibernetics personnel to flex their abilities and apply their skills in new ways, outside of their day-to-day responsibilities working on the core product offerings of Fibernetics Corporation.

Program 1: “Intrapreneurship” – provide an opportunity for Fibernetics employees to bring innovative ideas to market
Program 2: Fast Track – provide opportunities for early stage or start-up companies to scale more effectively or rapidly get to market, or to grow existing market share if already there

  • We know that the time investment in these start-ups is heavily front loaded and that a lot of activities to get to market in the areas of IT, Finance, and Marketing need attention in brief, intense ways initially, and require less investment of people resources on an ongoing basis once the company is launched.
  • A key component to our onboarding of new companies will be to coordinate these strategy “sprints” with Fibernetics IT, Finance and Marketing personnel. We will be working with these departments to define the components of these sprints to make them as effective as possible.
  • To facilitate this without exhausting existing resources within Fibernetics Corporation, Fibernetics Ventures will look to limit new projects to, on average, one Intrapreneurship project and one Fast Track project per quarter.

Whether the idea comes from a current Fibernetics Corporate employee, is an early stage company in need of additional resources, or is a start-up with an awesome business plan, we are looking for ideas that fit the following criteria:

  1. The business cannot be described by a sentence starting with, “It’s like…..” we are looking for new, innovative products or services that are unlike anything currently in the market.
  2. The business should complement Fibernetics Corporation (or other Fibernetics Ventures) and/or be able to leverage competitive cost advantages to lead to success.

We are very interested in emerging technologies for FVI, not looking at where things are today, but where they are going.

After selection, we will meet with the candidate(s) to review information that we need from them to start the onboarding process and schedule appropriate resources. These may differ from candidate to candidate depending on what stage they are at, (i.e., early stage operating company or start-up).

Tasks will vary slightly depending on the existing structure of the candidate – there will be some different activities for start-ups compared to early stage.

Sample Task List

  • Create a name – find and register a relevant domain
  • Creative will start work on creating a logo – 1 week
  • Web dev creates mail accounts for newco
  • newco gets setup with a mailing address (Ardelt) and a virtual Fongo Works account
  • Meet with our team to discuss corporate structure, incorp, etc
  • Meet with IT to discuss equipment / network requirements – IT will set timelines on a project by project basis based on complexity of requirements
  • newco should be actively preparing content for website in this time
  • creative delivers logo ideas within a week – newco picks their logo
  • creative works on biz card layout – 1 week for proofs to be done – 1-week turnaround for printing
  • logo and content goes to web dev – 1 week for website development
  • goal is that (soft) launch is ready as soon as infrastructure is in place

Other items:

  • who within FN would they talk to in order to setup ecomm if required?
  • as soon as they are (soft) launched we should be looking at coordinating mktg activities
  • what about finance? what needs to be setup with FN finance for bookkeeping, reporting, HST, payroll etc?
  • Need a FN Ventures website with a client login section. When we accept a company into the program, we give them a login for the website
  • client logs in and completes contact info form, including summary of IT requirements, company name, contact info etc
  • web generates emails to relevant people introducing the newest Ventures company and providing info submitted on the site

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