Big Incites

Big Incites

At Big Incites, we’re focused on helping you tap into the Big Data revolution to get value out of your data without the usual enterprise sized budget and staff required to do so.
Leveraging your existing data is not only good business, it’s also your competitive edge.

Need a Data Platform?
The Big Incites Hosted Data Platform allows your business to better access and leverage your data without the costly and complex data infrastructure required to do so.

We provide you with space on our multi-node cluster, you load up your data. Our platform is run entirely on our servers in our Canadian Data Centre, so your data is stored in Canada

NO overhead infrastructure/maintenance costs/need to hire or train IT Staff on this new, ever changing technology – We do that for you!

Flat monthly fee based on storage, regardless of how much processing you do so you know exactly what your costs will be each month – After all, your storing all this data to actually use it!!!

We have partnerships with some of the coolest Big Data companies around, so we provide you with high-end tools to easily access your data

Need some help with your existing Platform?
We know how challenging these tools can be to deploy and manage on a large scale. Talk to us about an assessment and suggestions on how to scale and manage your platform. We have run world class services for decades dealing with hundreds of petabytes of data in all forms. We kinda know what we’re doing….

Just simply need some help getting started with your data?

Our prime function within our Big Incites team of professionals is to ensure that you are using your data as the asset that it truly is. We’ll work with you to:

  • Ensure a clear understanding of your business goals and problems
  • Define and implement a Data Strategy unique to your needs
  • Identify data assets you can use to better run your business and drive it forward
  • Develop and implement analytical models/dashboards/ KPIs
  • Train staff on the emerging processes and tools necessary to carry you forward